donderdag 14 november 2013

DIY 3 Trier Cake Stand

Good afternoon lovelies!

The weather here is just an absolute disaster, which makes it perfect for crafting time! Last summer I already got the idea, but didn’t have the time to work it out. While I made it, I thought, why not share it with you? Here’s the tutorial to make your very own 3 tier cake stand.

What do you need?
  • 3 different sized plates, preferable a dinner plate, cake plate and a saucer plate
  • 2 mugs, preferable a bigger and smaller one
  • Little ceramic ornament, this can be everything, from bird to deer and everything in between
  • Superglue for glass (this really did the trick for me!)

To save money and make it extra unique, go to your local secondhandshop and browse for the plates, mugs and a little ornament. I got all this for under €2! The glue was more expensive, haha.

I chose all white, but you can also pick other colors and mix and match. If you find my version too boring, why not paint it with ceramic paint?

Step 1:
Clean all the plates, mugs and ornament to be dust free. This makes the gluing process easier.

Glue the biggest mug upside down to the bottom plate, follow the instructions on your glue for the best job!

Step 2:
Glue the middle sized plate on top of the upside down biggest mug, and glue the little mug upside down on the middle sized plate. Give the glue a little bit time in between to harden.

Step 3:
Glue the little saucer plate on top, and finish off with gluing your little ornament on top!
Again, let the glue dry properly.

Step 4:
Time to decorate!

The cake stand can be used for anything, why not put all your little hair bows and flower combs on it for display? Or place it in your bathroom for all your bath balls? And you can always use it for an upcoming tea party ;)
Be creative!

Thanks for reading, and please show your finished cake stands! :D

x Katie

zondag 15 september 2013

Japan Expo 2013

In the beginning of July it was once again time for the biggest Japanese orientated convention in Europe… Yes we’re talking about Japan Expo!
In 2012 it was our first time visiting, but we returned this year. With loads more pretty stuff and lots of excitement for the coming days.

On Wednesday we started our journey to ‘oui oui’ Paris. The car was packed as can be (and we even had a bigger one than the year before!) and 5 hours later we arrived. For the exposants at Japan Expo it is possible to already build up your stand on Wednesday. Which was a super relief because we realized that we totally forgot our clothing rack and a mirror! (Yes, blonde is my natural hair colour).
Here’s a snapshot of our stand this evening:

On Thursday I got up extra early to dress up, but also look the nearest Ikea up. Fortunately there was one nearby. My lovely boyfriend watched the stand while I raced off to get ourselves a clothing rack and mirror. And found ‘em! Our first convention day could hit off!

All the memories of all the lovely people are a little mixed up, so I cannot tell what happened each day. We've met so much awesome girls and boys (I wish I took many more pictures aargh!), and I felt so happy that people genuinely liked our product and I could make them happy with their purchase.

Two lovely, awesome and cute girls!

One of the things I am always amazed about at Japan Expo are the number of talented young designers. So many girls and boys of my age create the most amazing things and really represented Japanese fashion/street style at Japan Expo. For example, please take a look at, I personally really like the unique look of their collection, and the designer/creator is a very talented and nice girl! 

 On conventions in the Netherlands there is not so much attention for Japanese Fashion (although it is slowly coming), so it’s really cool to see all the new trends pop-up here in Paris!

On Sunday, when it is mostly the quietest day, I made portraits of people! As soon as I picked up my pencil for the first one, it was getting busier and busier. My boyfriend was running around but handled it superb (maybe because of his new Deku hat?). Here are some snapshots of the people I drew:

I can really say that Japan Expo is one of those conventions I really, really look forward. It takes some careful planning in the months before and it is quite an expensive trip for a brand like us. Yet we wouldn't want to miss it!
We will be there again next year!! Hope to see you there again!!

As for the outfits I wore myself, I can only show you 3 out of 4, I forget my camera on the Friday, teehee. Here they are, as well as some other snapshots of the convention!

Dress and headbow: Fly Away Fashion (Sweet Parfait Collection)
Blouse, socks: Innocent World
Wig: Fly Away Fashion
Shoes: Off-brand

Dress: Alice and the Pirates
Blouse: Vintage
Wig, fake fur collar, headbow, necklace tights: Fly Away Fashion
Bag: Gift from my grandmother

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Headbow, cuffs: Fly Away Fashion
Blouse, shoes: Bodyline
Bag (not on picture): BTSSB
Wig, tights: offbrand

My childhood heroes!

x Thank you for reading

zondag 31 maart 2013

Made in Asia

Made in Asia
A weekend full of fun!

From the 8th till the 10th of March, Fly Away Fashion attended one of the biggest Japanese culture events in Belgium. These three days we had our own stand and were very exited to meet the people there, since it was our first convention in Belgium!
During these three days we've met tons of lovely people, and would like to thank all of you who supported Fly Away Fashion! Either by making a purchase or making a chat (or both of course! :D). We would like to share some photo's of our stand with you ~~

Our stand at Made in Asia on friday

A antique trunk full of socks and thights!

Thank you for looking!
We hope to be able to attend Made in Asia next year as well, we are looking forward to it!

Now we will be focusing on our Tea Party in June at our own shop, as well as preparing for Japan Expo in Paris ~~ 

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Preparations Made in Asia

Preparing for Made in Asia
New products we will bring to Brussels!

The amount nights before Made in Asia get less and less, and we are so very looking forward to this convention! From Friday the 8th of March till Sunday the 10th you can find Fly Away Fashion in the young designers area.
We have many new products we've made specially for the upcoming convention, and we want to give you a sneek peek to this ;)

Dresses and garments

In the past few months we've set up our first clothing lines with very unique prints and quality lace. Our new jumperskirts, dresses and skirts will be brought with us. The sizes of the garments vary from small to extra large. We have something for everyone ;) Next to this we have lots of basics, like bloomers and petticoats.

Roses at Dawn JSK

Tights and legwear

A big (and very comfortable) trend within Lolita and J-fashion is the use of detailed and original tights and legwear. We have them in pink, cream and black. All with beautiful detailed print of nice quality for a very nice price. Our tights start from €7,50 per pair! ;)And let's not forget the (over the)knee socks to spice up your coordination.

Super cute (casual) Lolita shoes

One of the biggest problems we hear from fellow lolita's, is finding nice price quality shoes that can be used both Lolita wise, as well as for other fashion styles or in a casual style.
And we will have them with us to Made in Asia! These shoes start at €29,95 per pair, and we have them in different colours and (at the moment) in size 38 and 39.

Rest of assortment

Next to all the new products we have with us, we also have loads of products with us we already have in our assortment. Here's a list of the mostly handmade products we will also bring with us:

  • Headbows, headpieces, roundpieces and hair accessories
  • Fake fur collars, cuffs and hairbows
  • Plushie bags and umbrella's
  • Jewellery, both sweet, classic and gothic
  • Cuffs for different Lolita styles
  • Magazine and stationary like the EGL Bibles
  • Wigs, soft fibres and high quality in different styles

Elegant Cream Wristcuffs

Ribbon Romance Wired Bow

Dreamy Delight Deluxe Wired Bow

Pearly Ribboned Roundpiece

Chocolate Pink Wig with Clip ins
To view more of our assortment and prices, please take a look at our website:

We hope to see you at Made in Asia!

x Katie

woensdag 27 februari 2013

Tsunacon 2013

Tsunacon 2013
Deallerroom, lecture and Fashion Show!

One of our super cute lenscases
On Sunday the 10th of February, Fly Away Fashion attended to Tsunacon, an annual convention about modern and traditional Japanese culture.
On this day we had a stand in the Deallerroom to present our clothing, accessories and jewellery. Next to this we had adorable lens cases and brought delightful Bomb Cosmetics with us. Unfortunately we were so 
busy, I totally forget to take pictures of our stand, how silly of me!

My outfit during the day
Halfway trough the day I went to give a lecture somewhere else in the building. The presentation was made for starting lolita's, with info about different clothing styles and where to start with the fashion. A lot of nice girls attended to this, and I was very happy that I could help out by answering questions.

Fashion Show
Our big main event on this convention was our very own fashion show!
We had 17 models in total, with each of these lovely girls wore an unique outfit. During this fashion show we presented our current collection. This contains our Letters from Paris, Roses at Dawn, Bittersweet roses and Pastel Dreams. All the main pieces and accessories are handmade by Fly Away Fashion.
For now we only have a photo's available, but we will receive the video footage soon, and we will share it with you! 

Groupshot of all our models!

Supercute and elegant twin models in our Roses at Dawn High Waist Skirt
All our Letters from Paris models 

Thank you for reading!
xxx Katie