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Since a few months we are one of the few exclusive dealers of Bomb Cosmetics in the Netherlands. We would really like you to meet the products we have in our assortment, but most of all, get to learn Bomb Cosmetics a bit more.

Katie has always been a fan of the more original and luxurious bath products. That is the reason that when we opened the physical store of Fly Away Fashion, we also wanted to carry bath, shower and skin products in our assortment.
Because, honestly, which Lolita doesn’t want to pamper herself once in a while?

And our eye fell on an English company named Bomb Cosmetics. It is often compared to Lush (maybe a bit more known, as they have stores throughout the country), yet bomb is original in its own products, is less pricey and has great quality. All ingredients used for their products are 100% natural, at least 70% biologic and aren’t tested on animals. Bomb believes that humans nor animals should be harmed for our luxury.

The products are all handmade in the UK and even the packaging materials are from sustainable trees. Bomb Cosmetics believes in the power of essential oils, they relieve your mood and take care of your skin. But not only the essential oils, but also the use of shea butter and cocoa butters make the products caretakers for your skin.

We have quite a few lovely products from Bomb Cosmetics in our assortment at the moment. Ranging from the so called ‘bath blasters’ to intense delightfull tinned candles. We have everything in store for some luscious pampering. Not only do the products have a lovely smell, they also look gorgeous and its almost a shame to have to use them.
But when you do… You don’t want to go back!

Bath Blasters
Bath blasters are one of the easiest ways to enjoy aromatherapy in your daily life. Pure essential oils lift your mood. If Bomb says their handmade, they really are handmade!

Porcelain peony bath blaster
Translucent and airy, opening with fresh notes of waterlilys with a heart centered around white lily, rose and potent jasmine. The musky finish has a powdery edge blended with sandalwood

Sky flower bath blaster
A contempory twist on a classic lavender fragrance with camphorous top notes, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Pine middle notes and a Musky base note.

Bath Brulees
One bath brulee can be used up to four times! Just drop it in the bath, let it melt a little, and take it out again. It’ll fizzle a bit as the moisturizing ingredients spread in the water and takes care of your skin.

Hibiscus Blossom & NeroliThis exotic floral scent opens with sparkling top notes of bergamot, rose, apple, violet, and iris. Surrounding a heart of jasmin, ylang-ylang, green tea, lily and ripe peaches, raspberries and clove, intensified with musk, sandal & creamy vanilla at the base.
Strawberries & DreamsA medley of warming fruit notes, with a blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrant heart, and hints of baked and apple and pear.

Bath Creamer
Handmade, super moisturizing as it is filled with essential oils and butters, and pressed into flower leaves, fruit, coconut, salt (just to name a few) with hand. It does not only look good (and delicious) but smells and moisturizes immensely great!

Rose Bath Creamer
A sophisticated blend of floral notes, combining rose and jasmine for the fragrance heart and geranium and neroli top notes.

Bath Tulips
These moisturizing, filled with butters and oils, cupcake like tulips, love to hydrate your skin and take up to two baths! With a delightfull fragrance and matching paper, they are almost (I say almost) too pretty to use. Also make a lovely gift (as do all of our Bomb products to be honest).
Apple catcher
Catch a refreshing uplifting apple scent and luxuriate in the soothing cocoa and shea moisturizing loveliness. With pure Amyris and Nutmeg essential oils to warm, calm and refresh.

Sweet Love
A modern interpretation of a classic Rose fragrance with a floral heart and hints of Jasmine and lilly

Bath Buttercup
With over 20% of moisturizing cocoa and shea butters, your skin will be hydrated and silky soft after a bath with a buttercup. These handmade, super pretty buttercups melt once coming into the bath.
Rosehip Bath Buttercup
Classical and pretty, this soft powdery scent captures aldehyde, jasmin, iris and spices at the opening. The rich heart mixes clove with amber, lily and peach. The complexed musk finish captures sandal, amber and vanilla.

Hand poured tinned candles
Every candle is handpoured and decorated by hand. Only the best quality products are used to ensure maximum fragrance and burning time. Pure essential oils are added to enchant your mood. Every candle had a burning time of 40 to 50 hours!

Very Berry
A fresh green fragrance blending red fruits, raspberries and grapes, with accords of blueberry and juicy pears.
Finishing with the sweetness of vanilla and rich caramel. 

Starry Starry Night
A rich sensual fragrance  with an oceanic tone and a heart of warm sandalwood. A hint of musk together with a pretty blue palet and glittering stars.

We have tested the products ourself and are completely in love! We hope we have awaken a (little) fire in you to try the products yourself! We would love to hear your experiences with Bomb Cosmetics. If you have more questions about the products we carry of Bomb, feel free to ask them!
And now…I’m off to a soothing bath ~~

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