woensdag 27 februari 2013

Tsunacon 2013

Tsunacon 2013
Deallerroom, lecture and Fashion Show!

One of our super cute lenscases
On Sunday the 10th of February, Fly Away Fashion attended to Tsunacon, an annual convention about modern and traditional Japanese culture.
On this day we had a stand in the Deallerroom to present our clothing, accessories and jewellery. Next to this we had adorable lens cases and brought delightful Bomb Cosmetics with us. Unfortunately we were so 
busy, I totally forget to take pictures of our stand, how silly of me!

My outfit during the day
Halfway trough the day I went to give a lecture somewhere else in the building. The presentation was made for starting lolita's, with info about different clothing styles and where to start with the fashion. A lot of nice girls attended to this, and I was very happy that I could help out by answering questions.

Fashion Show
Our big main event on this convention was our very own fashion show!
We had 17 models in total, with each of these lovely girls wore an unique outfit. During this fashion show we presented our current collection. This contains our Letters from Paris, Roses at Dawn, Bittersweet roses and Pastel Dreams. All the main pieces and accessories are handmade by Fly Away Fashion.
For now we only have a photo's available, but we will receive the video footage soon, and we will share it with you! 

Groupshot of all our models!

Supercute and elegant twin models in our Roses at Dawn High Waist Skirt
All our Letters from Paris models 

Thank you for reading!
xxx Katie