Fly Away Fashion offers a wide range of handmade Lolita accessories and clothing with the use of quality fabrics and the finest lace. 
We have an dedication for quality in our product and design them our own to stay unique, and give you, the customer an unique feel to your product.
No mass production, just pure love and dedication for our products.
All this we offer for an affordable price at our webshop and in our real-life shop. 

We love to make the Japanese fashion scene accessible and appealing for all those craving for a cute lifestyle!
In our boutique we offer a mix of handmade clothing and accessories as well as high-quality Japanese, Chinese and Korean brands.
We believe that it is important to know where your clothing comes from, whether it’s handmade in our own workshop or bought from the other side of the world. It is our responsibility to buy from distributors with a safe and durable working environment.

Please take a look for a bit of our wide assortment at the 'webshop' page, or take a look at our website:
The website is fully translated to English, but we are glad to answer questions if you don’t understand something or you want to know more about the product.

We ship internationally and provide custom commissions.